Task Force on Vision 2030

Our Methods and Processes

The Task Force Members met up regularly to discuss on various issues in accordance with the terms of reference. During the Task Force’s two-year term, their work focused on the study of the understanding of the concept of the rule of law, the objective means for the review of the practice of the rule of law in various jurisdictions, and the impact of the unique cultures, socio-economic, socio-political features, legal traditions, etc., on the practice of the rule of law in different regions and/or jurisdictions.

The Task Force acknowledges the benefit of adopting objective data to generate useful and empirical evidence about the actual situation of the rule of law practice in a jurisdiction. In particular, a review mechanism based on objective data would facilitate the assessment and analysis of the rule of law practice of a jurisdiction in an objective way.

The Task Force is supportive of setting up a dedicated database of objective data pertaining to the practice of rule of law so as to provide a basis towards enhancing the development of the rule of law and devising an objective review methodology in the region and beyond.

Under the guidance of the Task Force, the Department of Justice has set up an objective database which was officially launched in November 2021. For more information on the database, please see here.

Please also click here for what have been discussed by the Task Force.

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The way forward

In view of the complexity of further refining and devising the objective review methodology under the Rule of Law Database so that it could be deployed for use for the region and beyond, the Task Force supports engaging professional specialists in various fields such as economics and social science for further research on issues including the linkage between the cultural, socio-economic, socio-political and legal traditions attributes of particular jurisdictions and their rule of law practices.

For sustainable further development, the Task Force also recommends the Department of Justice to task an independent and non-profit making entity based in Hong Kong to continue the study and work of reviewing the practice of rule of law in the region and beyond.

On 26 May 2022, the “Vision 2030 Task Force Report” which encapsulates the tasks and work that have been carried through by the Task Force was officially launched during the Vision 2030 for Rule of Law International Symposium.

1 June 2020

The Task Force on Vision 2030 was set up

12 June 2020

First Meeting of the Task Force

2 November 2020

Launch of “Vision 2030 for Rule of Law”

27 November 2020

Second Meeting of the Task Force

6 December 2021

Third Meeting of the Task Force

26 May 2022

Launch of “Vision 2030 Task Force Report”