Public Education and Capacity Building

Pilot Scheme on Rule of Law Education for Secondary School Students 2020/2021

To promote rule of law education in secondary schools, the DoJ supports the launch of the “Pilot Scheme on Rule of Law Education for Secondary School Students” by the Hong Kong Policy Research Institute (HKPRI). Professionals from the legal and education sectors were involved in designing the workshops of the Scheme. Lawyers were invited to act as facilitators, and students and graduates from the law faculties of universities acted as ambassadors. Through legal seminars, educational games and interactive group discussions, the Scheme enables secondary school students to learn and properly understand the core concepts of the rule of law.

During the academic year 2020/21, the HKPRI conducted about 30 rule of law workshops for F.1 and F.4 students from 20 secondary schools, where over 3,600 students participated. Students were actively involved in the discussions. For details, please contact Ms Li of the HKPRI at