Public Education and Capacity Building

Rule of Law Through Drama

The “Rule of Law through Drama” comprises two sets of interactive drama performances entitled “Xie Zhi: The Legend of Justice” and “The Adventure of Mr Auden”, specifically produced for lower and upper primary school students respectively. Through lively, interesting and interactive performances, the DoJ hopes that students can learn the proper concept of the rule of law, enhance awareness to comply with the law and cultivate a law-abiding spirit.

The online premiere of “Rule of Law through Drama” 2021 was successfully held on 10 February 2021, attracting registrations from over 100 schools and school sponsoring bodies with around 400 viewers. In Academic Year 2020/21, 86 shows have been performed for about 63 schools. For applications on touring performance for Academic Year 2021/22, please email or fax 3016 9682.

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