Public Education and Capacity Building

Public Education and Capacity Building

To promote the proper understanding and practice of the rule of law targeted at various levels in the society, we have launched the “3Es” projects – ‘Engagement’, ‘Empowerment’ and ‘Enrichment’ for the general public, young generation and legal community, respectively.

By engaging and reaching out to the general public and local community, the DoJ hopes to raise the awareness on the importance of a law-abiding society. A series of animations named “Studio DoJ” has been launched to provide the general public with basic legal knowledge and to gain a better understanding of the legal system in Hong Kong. The DoJ is working to collaborate with other organisations devise more outreach projects.

You might have heard of DoJ (Department of Justice), but do you know what is the role of DoJ?

DoJ has produced a series of animations to assist the general public, especially the youth, to better understand the role of DoJ and to know more about Hong Kong’s legal system. Each animation of around one minute helps to clear misunderstanding of certain legal information and also to dissimilate the proper concept of the rule of law.

Please subscribe to the following channel to catch the latest animations from “Studio DoJ” as well as other updates from DoJ. Teachers are welcomed to use this series as a reference or as teaching material. Parents and students are also encouraged to watch the series together. Channel link :

The DoJ values the importance in empowering our young generation to contribute to the development of the rule of law for a sustainable future. Through the Empowerment projects, DoJ has collaborated with various stakeholders to organise a range of educational activities such as interactive drama for primary school students, workshops for secondary school students and setting up electronic resources and materials for teachers.

  1. Project Targeting Primary School
  2. Project Targeting Secondary School
  3. Project Catering For Teachers

The Enrichment projects provides the legal community with the opportunities to advance and broaden their knowledge and exposure to international development. From the annual Hong Kong Legal Week events to secondment opportunities working in international organisations, the DoJ will continue to support the legal community to rise to greater heights.